Instant visual diffing with CSS blend modes!
Simply enter the sites you want to compare. Locally hosted addresses and files also work (so you can see how your local changes affect current pages or previous versions). The sites you choose are solely based on your personal preferences, and you can compare educational websites, trading/finance-related websites, and even social media sites. When it comes to trading platforms, the majority of people favour bitcoin sites. You can also incorporate comparable functionality on the crypto bank site, which is an automated crypto trading platform. On its website, the supplier promotes the trading robot as a cutting-edge technology that allows investors to become wealthy in a short period of time. This trading bot has even been rumoured to make investors billionaires. The bot supposedly searches for potential profits on a continual basis and makes transactions automatically.

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What's Going on Here?

This website uses the difference blend mode, which is supported on most browsers. Pixels are compared on each RGBA channel between the active layer (second input) and background later (first input). Similar pixels will turn black. Pixels with visual alteration will change in color by taking the absolute value of their difference: |a - b| on each RGBA channel.